Janeen and Brent

December 28th, 2007 by Chad

I’m actually not sure how you two did it. I was wrapped up in a heavy coat, with a warm hat and gloves on. And I still felt cold.

Janeen and Brent under the trees

All you two had was the love you hold for each other, and somehow that was enough for you that cold morning. I know it’s just a saying that love is like a fire, but either you two just put on a great show, or it really did keep you warm. I’m sure it was the coldest day of the month.

Janeen and Brent at the temple

In any event, you’ll certainly have something to remember about that day. And I doubt that the temperature will be the first memory that comes to your mind.

Janeen on the temple grounds

Thanks for trusting us to help document your special day. And thanks for your patience with us as we worked through a very busy month to get these pictures to you. I know you’re going to love them.

John and Esther

December 4th, 2007 by Chad

You have such a sweet family.

John and Esther

We loved grandpa’s sense of humor.

The grandparents

Jason was so kind with his niece.

Four Generations

And to top it off, you are all so beautiful.

Cory and the twins

What more could you ask for in a family?